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Animated videos

You have probably seen those animated videos where the drawing appears magically onto the screen. Animated videos are an effective way to make people stay at your content for a little bit longer. Explainer videos can be used e.g. to present your products, company or projects. It’s also more and more popular to tell about company strategy with the help of a cartoon video.

Cartoon video production

I use my iPad to create cartoon videos. I capture my drawing process and the video is made faster and edited so that it looks as if the image magically appears onto the screen. My productions have a rough style but at its best the end result is pretty neat.

I'm wise enough to buy editing services from a partner company. They make my simple drawings look professional.

The whole process all the way from script to ordering voice-overs and guiding the editing process is carried out by Redanredan – you as the customer can take it easy. Well, fairly easy.

Cartoon video production

Production process

The cartoon video process starts with the script - either written by you or by Linda. Let’s have the kick-off meeting of the project either online or face-to-face. If you want to create the script on your own, you’ll get some help from Linda, of course.

Then it's time to draw the images. Before the images are made into video, the customer gets to see and comment the still images. Cartoon videos total length is usually 1,5-2 minutes and it takes around 12-18 separate images to a film that long.

You mustn’t forget the voice-over either. You have the chance to produce the audio files yourself or we’ll find you a professional speaker and background music.

When the customer has checked on the images, it’s time to put together the video.  The final editing is done by a professional editor. All in all it takes about 3-5 weeks to create a cartoon video. The time depends on how fast you’re able to comment the process and if there’s enough room in my calendar.

When the video is ready, it’ll be sent to you as an HD quality MP4 video file. Done!

You can find more examples of my video work on my YouTube channel.

Production process

What to think about when ordering a cartoon video?

  • total length of the video
  • purpose and target group
  • language versions needed
  • subtitling – and language versions of subtitling
  • time of usage (months or years?)
  • the core message

PwC Finland’s strategy

Stora Enso


Elisa Videra

Fight against corona (animated video)

Linda is marvellous! She drew me an excellent video about Resource Wisdom. The video has helped us in describing the meaning of Resource Wisdom, a horrible word pair that nevertheless carries an important message!

Linda has a very unique ability to capture long discussions and huge themes into a few pictures, she has a skill to point out the most important pieces of information! And as an added value: working with her is also a great fun!

Pirkko Melville

R&D Manager, Strategy, City of Jyväskylä

Do you want to know more?

Yeah, yeah, but what does it all cost? The price for a 1,5 minute-long video starts from around 6500 euros (+ VAT if your company is Finnish). The final price depends on the length, content and timetable of the video. Please ask Linda for more information, accurate prices etc.

Sure thing!