Well, this is a cartoon about GDPR issues, i.e. the general data protection regulation and how it affects Redanredan's data processing. But if for one reason or another the cartoon doesn't work for you, then here's something about the matter in text. So yes: yes, I do have some data stored and more of it comes in, for example, through contacts and requests for quotations and customer cases. We here, or rather I here at Redanredan, have only one data processor, that is me, Linda Saukko-Rauta. I handle names, titles, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses and such. And the information is such that people have sent it to me voluntarily. If someone – let’s say Kärmesaho - wants to check or delete their data, this is of course possible. Data is stored to get things done. I don't really do marketing except on social media, so I'm not going to spam or share your information anywhere. And of course, everything is safely in the cloud, where you have access only during the full moon, if you have drunk three drops of the virgin's blood and walked backwards three times around the rider statue. So your information is safe. Thanks.
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