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Real-Time Sketchnoting

A sketchnoter will help you to capture your event with visual note taking. The drawing process can be projected real-time to the audience - so along comes the wow effect. My working languages are Finnish, Swedish and ever quite so fluent English.

Sketchnoting from the distance

If your event is being broadcasted via live stream, a sketchnoter can also work from the distance – thanks to modern technology.


Do you need help with your company strategy or marketing material? A mindmap-like illustration might do the trick.

Animated videos

Do you need an explainer video that simplifies your message into an animated story?

About Linda

What is Redanredan?

Who's Linda?

So you're a pro?

Have you had any clients?

Hi there,

I'm Linda Saukko-Rauta and Redanredan is my company that I founded in 2010. I started out by blogging comics about my teeny-tiny life and ended up doing business.

I do visual listening, sketchnoting, real-time drawing, doodling, graphic facilitation – you can call my doodles and sketchnotes with many names. After some interesting turns,  I decided to become a fulltime entrepreneur in 2015. And if you want to know: no, I haven’t regretted that decision.


I’m a former language teacher and an e-learning designer and now a sketchnoter & entrepreneur. I have a Master’s degree in the field of Nordic Philology + pedagogy. I live in Jyväskylä, Finland.

I'm the one who got bored in a lot of meetings and started doodling in order to survive through those meetings.

I'm also the one who volunteered for Nordic Business Forum 2011 here in Jyväskylä, Finland. I didn't get to drive any VIP guests from the airport to the conference venue. Instead, I ended up sitting in the front row creating visual notes about presentations. That's how this all as a business started.

Sure I am. I’m good at digging deep into different branches and finding the essential information. Somehow I’m able to create an image or a series of images out of the core message. My drawing style has evolved during the years as a comic blogger and as a teacher. Some say my work is super-duper insightful, others say they’re just real fun to watch. And some even say that they’ve got an academic touch in them. And I’m pretty sure some say that my sketchnotes are awfully blurry and fuzzy. But who knows.

One thing is sure: sketchnoting brings together everything that I’ve ever done in my studies and working life. In my visual notes I put together everything that I’ve ever learned and experienced.

Sure I have! I’ve done sketchnoting, illustrations and animations for a gazillion Finnish universities and educational institutions, companies and other organizations here in Finland. I’ve been covering the biggest business seminar in Northern Europe, the Nordic Business Forum, since 2011. You may have heard about companies such as Twitter, Marimekko, F-Secure, Valmet and Sodexo. Yup, I’ve worked for them, too. You’ll find more examples in my portfolio-blog because most of my clients want me to share my work to the world – in a modern and viral way, you know.

Some of my doodlings




Kotipizza Strategy

Human Economy

Paper Forward

Trials & Experiments

Check out for more examples in my portfolio-blog.

On tour



Helsinki 14.1.2019


Viking Grace 27. - 28.1.2019


Helsinki 29.1.2019


Nordic Translation Industry Forum

Oslo 21. - 23.11.2018


Helsinki 21.11.2018


Vaasa 20.11.2018


I'm based in Jyväskylä, Finland, but I'm ready to buy train or plane tickets where ever you have your seminar. Somewhere nice and warm, right? No? Yes? Please?

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