Graphic recording, explainer videos and illustrated strategies


Real-Time Graphic Recording

A digital sketchnoter will help you to capture your event with visual note taking. The drawing process can be projected real-time to the audience - so along comes the wow effect. My working languages are Finnish, Swedish and ever quite so fluent English.

Remote Sketchnoting

If your event is being broadcasted via live stream, a graphic recorder can also work from the distance – thanks to modern technology.

Animated videos

Do you need an explainer video that simplifies your message into an animated story?

Strategic illustrations

Do you need help with your company strategy or marketing material? A mindmap-like illustration might do the trick.

Send a message, will you?

What has the graphic recorder seen and heard in the seminars? What kind of illustrations have we been creating lately? Anything new to tell to people? If there is, the way to get to know about these is to order a newsletter. So do it. Now-ish.


Linda Saukko-Rauta

Founder, Graphic Recorder

Réka Gruborovics


Some of my doodlings

Fight against corona (animated video)

NBForum 2016



Trials & Experiments

Prime Minister’s Office

Dittmar & Indrenius

Nordic Business Forum

Check out for more examples in my portfolio-blog.

On tour


NBF Online Event

Online 24.9.2020

OKM – etälivekuvitus

Online 5.10.2020

Alustava varaus – Luke

Online 7.10.2020

Alustava varaus – Luke

Online 13.10.2020


Nordic Business Forum – Rescheduled

Helsinki 23. - 24.9.2020

Luke – etälivekuvitus

Online 23.9.2020

Keski-Suomen foorumi – peruttu!

Helsinki 11. - 12.9.2020

Alustava varaus

Helsinki 4.9.2020

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I'm based in Jyväskylä, Finland, but we do have airlines, trains and boats that take me where I'm needed. Maybe at your event?

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