Graphic recording, explainer videos and illustrated strategies

Are you the one that’s doing the drawings? Yes, I am! How can I help you? I keep swinging my pen wildly both live at the events and on commission.

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Hand-drawn, cartoon-style Illustrations – you can get them here.

Real-Time Graphic Recording

A digital sketchnoter will help you to capture your event with visual note-taking in real time. My working languages are Finnish, Swedish and ever quite so fluent English.

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Strategic illustrations

I create neat one-pager illustrations to support e.g. your strategy communication.

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Animated videos

Do you need an explainer video that simplifies your message into an animated story? I create cartoon videos that build up little by little telling the tale in 1,5 minutes.

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Upcoming gigs

SuomiAreena/Tutkimuskeskus INVEST

25.6.2024 Pori

Suomi Areena/Nuorten Suomi ry

25.6.2024 Pori

Helsingin kaupunki

22.8.2024 Helsinki

Yrityskeikka – alustava varaus

9.9.-10.9.2024 Helsinki

Nordic Business Forum 2024

25.9.-26.9.2024 Helsinki

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The one doing the drawing, the founder of Redanredan and entrepreneur herself

Linda Saukko-Rauta

I’m Linda Saukko-Rauta, a graphic recorder and a sketchnoter, and Redanredan is my company that I founded in 2010. I do graphic recording at seminars, events and workshops both live at the events and remotely. I also do other illustrations and strategy visualizations.

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