Real-time graphic recording

Digital Graphic Recording – What is it? In short: I come to your event with my iPad and my brain, I listen to the presentations and I turn the contents into images. The audience can follow the live illustration process in real time (that’s the wow thing about live graphic recording) and boom! – the end result is a memorable picture that people want to look at more closely, remember and share. If your event is entirely online or a hybrid event, graphics recording will still work just fine!

How does an event benefit from real-time graphic recording?

Real-time graphic recording brings out the concrete things and main points of a seminar presentation or a workshop. A graphic recorder captures the essential and reveals the facts so that the audience attending a seminar will remember the main points also the next day,  next week or even later. At the same time the event organizer gets great marketing material that is easy to use both during the event and afterwards – in many ways and in many different channels. People want to take a closer look at sketchnotes.

Real-time live graphic recording doesn’t steal the attention from the speaker.  Good speakers will take their space and time and if the speaker is having hard time to get their message to the audience, real-time sketchnoting is there to help out. Graphic recording makes the events more vivid, fun and interesting.

Structuring information with the help of sketchnoting

Visual notetaking is about organizing and summarizing thoughts with the help of images and doodles. I listen, think and try to come up with an idea on how to draw an image out of this experience that I just had. Information overload is here but dont’t worry: a picture will help your brain to digest it.

I’m often asked if I need to know a lot about the topic already beforehand when I’m doing graphic recording. – No, I don’t have to. When I sketch the topic for myself, that same sketch also helps others in getting the message. Being an outsider also helps: when I’m not involved e.g. in the processes of a company, I can more easily pick up what’s essential for the illustrations.

In addition to information, live illustration also records moods and internal flows of the event, shared jokes and hidden messages and voices. My natural trick is to bring humor into the illustrations. Emotion activates remembering, and with the help of humor, remembering also increases.

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Real-Time Graphic Recordings

Lets hear customers praise:

We hired Linda for an important customer event and the results were excellent. It’s incredible how quickly Linda was able to grasp the main points of our speakers and visualize them. Customers loved her drawings and found the visual notes very useful. We’d be happy to work with her again any day.

Mikko Hyppönen

CRO, F-Secure

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