Strategic Illustrations

I do comic style illustrations with a pedagogical twist and mindmap-like “thingies”, one-pagers. The illustrations that I do are used e.g. in marketing, presentations, publications and in strategic communication. They are used when things need to be explained in a simple way.

A hand-drawn infographic carries a powerful message

My illustrations make people stop and take a closer look at them. That’s why my illustrations have been used as huge prints or wallpapers on office walls and team locker rooms. Others have used them as welcoming presentations at their office spaces. A good strategy illustration also gets a lot of likes and attention on social media.

Illustrations on commission

In addition to strategy visualizations, I also do other illustrations on commission. In addition to strategy illustrations, the most popular are one-page process illustrations or various humorous illustrations to support important messages. How many images are needed and how extensive are the illustrations? And what kind of a schedule do you have in mind?

Some examples of strategy visualizations

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