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Strategic illustrations

I do comic style illustrations with a pedagogical twist and mindmap-like “thingies”, one-pagers. The illustrations that I do are used e.g. in marketing, presentations, publications and in strategic communication. They are used when things need to be explained in a simple way.

A hand-drawn infographic carries a powerful message: my illustrations make people stop and take a closer look at them. That’s why my illustrations have been used as huge prints or wallpapers on office walls. Others have used them as welcoming presentations at their office spaces. A good strategy illustration also gets a lot of likes and attention on social media.

Why to visualize a company strategy?

I’ve visualized over a 150 company strategies. (Yes. That many.) I’ve noticed that there are usually a couple of reasons for a visual strategy:

  • people want to talk about their company strategy in a lighter way than using a traditional Powerpoint presentation
  • people want to make their company strategy easier to understand with the help of visual metaphors
  • people want their core message to be told the same way even though the company is global and there are many people telling about the strategy

Strategy is often described as a journey. And then things happen during the journey. What kind of a story does your strategy tell? To my mind, it’s important to avoid both corporate jargong in the illustration and also the most used visual metaphors (lighthouse, do you see a lighthouse?). Do you agree?

Why to visualize a company strategy?

Where to start when visualizing a company strategy?

There's a place for a sketchnoter in many phases of the strategy process. You might need someone to grasp the main ideas in the beginning of your strategy journey or perhaps you need someone to lighten up things during strategy workshops. You might want to use a real-time graphic recorder in these kind of situations.

If I on the other hand work on your stategy on demand and on distance, I need some material to dig in. The end result is often a strategy one-pager that tells all the essential about your goals, vision and mission.

This is how it goes:

  • The customer send in the material. It's quite often a Powerpoint presentation (with a lot of bullet-dot lists) and there's a wish that I could turn it into a one-pager. You may also send in a short video or we can have a Skype/Zoom session as a starting point. Anything goes.
  • After you've sent the material, we can have a Skype/Zoom meeting if needed. If your material is clear and compact, we might not even need a meeting.
  • And then I draw. (I also try to keep up with timetables that we set. Sometimes I succeed.)
  • First version is out within 2-3 weeks.
  • The customer comments on the first version either via e-mail or we can have another Skype/Zoom session.
  • Let's finalize the project.

The price includes a reasonable number of comment rounds. The final images are delivered as jpg images and pdf files. I also create an animated Powerpoint presentation of the one-pager. That way it's easier to tell about your strategy.

And what does all this fun and laughter cost? A price for a corporate strategy one-pager (no traveling required)  starts from 3700 e + VAT. Please contact Linda for more info, will you? For an offer request it's advisable to think about e.g. the timetable and language versions needed.

Making it simple with illustrations

I have a background as a language teacher and throughout my teacher years I drew a lot - naturally! In my doodlings I connect humour with pedagogy and visual content with textual content. Thanks to my experience from being a teacher within higher education, I'm able to quickly dive into different fields of business and turn their content into illustrations.

You'll find more examples of my drawing style and previous works in my company blog. Off you go!

In addition, I've illustrated over a dozen books and publications for Finnish authors. The topics vary from business books to research publications.

Making it simple with illustrations

Kuvituksia kulissien takaa – Behind the Scenes

Viimeiset kuusi kuukautta ovat pitäneet tämän piirtelijän kiireisenä – tai eivät ne kuukaudet, vaan meidän perheen uusi tyyppi. Jossain lastenhoidon ja vaipanvaihdon välimaastossa olen kuitenkin ehtinyt kuvittaa (I know, ihmettelen itsekin, että missä välissä!

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