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Real-Time Graphic Recording

A digital graphic recorder to your event

Real-time graphic recording brings out the concrete things and main points of a seminar presentation or a workshop. A graphic recorder captures the essential and reveals the facts so that the audience attending a seminar will remember the main points also the next day – or next week. At the same time the event organizer gets great marketing material that is easy to use both during the event and afterwards – in many ways and in many different channels. People want to take a closer look at sketchnotes.

Visual notetaking is about organizing and summarizing thoughts with the help of images and doodles. I listen, think and try to come up with an idea on how to draw an image out of this experience that I just had. Information overload is here but dont’t worry: a picture will help your brain to digest it.

Digital graphic recording

Do I have the nerve to say that I’m the most experienced digital graphic recorder in Finland? Oh well, I guess I do. Because I am. (There. I said it.) I have done all my graphic recording work with my ipad since 2010. The iPad makes it possible to show my skethcnoting process on a large screen with the help of a projector and as the audience sees the image being created real-time, they can have their inner dialogoue with the image, the speaker and their own points of view. They also remember better the content of the presentation afterwards. Sketchnoting also makes it easier to understand abstract concepts. A digital camp fire of images brings people together to share their experience. (A bit too much? I thought so too.)

The equipment of a digital graphic recorder

  • IPad Pro with a plastic matte screen shield
  • Apple Pencil
  • A suitable app, e.g. Adobe Illustrator Draw – Procreate is also popular among pros
  • Adapters that are needed (HDMI or VGA) or Apple TV
  • A projector
  • A quick mind, ability to accept your mistakes and a fast drawing style
Digital graphic recording

For event organizers

Those moments after the seminar lunch: the audience is half-asleep and the speaker clicks on slide after slide on a fast pace. Brain-freeze has conquered the seminar hall. What to do? Well, maybe bring in a graphic recorder!

A seminar is a very traditional phenomenon and people have used drawings before, too, to spark things up but now, with the help of technology, it’s possible to exploit doodlings on a large scale. The real-time illustrations can be shown either on a side-screen (a wow-event!) or shortly after each presentation. Or you could go through the sketchnotes at the end of the day to make a summary of the day.

Booking a graphic recorder into an event

When you book a graphic recorder to your event, it’s advisable to think about a couple of things beforehand: when and how will you be showing the sketchnotes to the audience and what kind of technology is needed? How will share the illustrations to social media during the event? How are the sketchnotes shared to the audience after the event? If you encounter troubles with these issues, ask Linda for help.

IPad and tech details

I’ll bring in my iPad and you provide the hdmi cable connection, right? When it comes to adapters, Linda will bring her own. The projector has to provide HD quality and the HDMI cables need to be long enough. We van even use an Apple TV device, it works nicely. Sometimes the iPad causes some troubles with its HCDP decoding but usually there’s a way to fix it. If all else fails we can use the VGA port.

For event organizers

Real-time live sketchnoting package includes...

  • Planning and preparation with the client
  • Graphic recording in the event
  • Final work as jpg (72 dpi) and vector pdf (300 dpi)
  • A right to use the visual notes afterwards

If you want to show the sketchnoting process real-time for the audience, you need to have a full HD projector or screen. The sketchnoter brings of course her own adapter (VGA/HDMI).

Why graphic recording?

  • To create a wow-event
  • To capture the content of a workshop
  • To make meetings more fun
  • To make strategic planning more concrete
  • To make people remember your training events
  • To make people stop by your expo stand

More about sketchnoting in my blog


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We hired Linda for an important customer event and the results were excellent. It's incredible how quickly Linda was able to grasp the main points of our speakers and visualize them. Customers loved her drawings and found the visual notes very useful. We'd be happy to work with her again any day.

Mikko Hyppönen

CRO, F-Secure

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