I have always done my notes in a way that combines both text and images. I’m one of those that used to scribble moustaches on schoolbook pictures and stickfigures in the side margins. In 2010 I started making visual notes with my 1st gen iPad because I was so in loooooove with it and wanted nothing but hold it in my hand throughout the endless meetings I attended as I had just changed my job from a language teacher into an e-learning designer. This time my notes were more in focus as I thought it would be best to draw something more… professional; not just moustaches and caricatures.

Back then I started noticing pictures out there in the depths of internet: pictures of visual notes. Some called them scribing, others graphic recording and some sketchnotes. I found out there was a small community, a sketchnoting community, and that there were others out there who did more organic, visual notes. I found Mike Rohde’s posts in the Sketchnote Army and drew more and more.

Things let to another and now almost 10 years later I’m a full-time entrepreneur doing digital graphic recording, sketchnoting, explainer videos and strategy illustrations. I still hold on to my iPad.

In Paris for the first time

International Sketchnote Camp in Paris #ISC19FR was my first sketchnote camp experience – in fact, this was my first time in Paris! I wasn’t in Lisbon last year, nor was I in Hamburg. But when I heard that there was going to be one in Paris organized by the good people in the French team, I decided to be part of the camp, too. So off I went!

And it was good that I went. It was great to meet people in person – some I had already met last year in the EuViz conference in Denmark – and others online. Personally I liked the drawing workshop that the super skilled and awesome Eva-Lotta Lamm gave and it was also very interesting to hear about concrete examples of edusketchning, sketchnotes in education that is. The best part of the event were of course the discussions with several people: we were sharing experiences, ideas and examples of our work. What I could have done myself is to have offered a workshop on my own on digital tools having lots of experience on that topic. But maybe next time?


The French team had done a great job putting together an event like this. Everything worked smoothly and the location was ideal for such an event. Merci pour tout, c’était merveilleux!

Created with Adobe Fresco and its pencil brush
With edusketching you can make learning process more personal
Tanja Wehr gave a workshop on lettering skills
Eva-Lotta’s theory on improvised drawing
As a teacher you need to set an example: so sketchnote!
My left hand version of my summer
My doodling from the urban sketching session


Mauro Toselli spoke about social media and sketchnoters



Linda Saukko-Rauta

Livekuvittaja ja yrittäjä

Vapaapäivien pilapiirtäjä ja sushirajan takana elelevä keski-ikäinen perheenäiti sekä sudeettipohjalainen, joka ei todellakaan rieku missään pilakuva- tai sarjisskenessä.

Siirry takaisin sivun alkuun