Nordic Business Forum and Oslo Business Forum organized an online bootcamp about leadership and innovation during these changing times. I followed the live stream from Oslo and did sketchnotes during the event. 

Here’s a small FAQ set for those that are interested in my work:

How was this remote sketchnoting session done technically?

I followed the stream in my home office, drew the pictures with my iPad and once the presentation or the discussion was over, I immidiately uploaded the picture to a shared Dropbox folder. That way the techies could prepare the image to be used right away. My speed as a sketchnoter is my superpower and this time this ability came in handy. Another superpower is of course being digital all the way.

Did you receive pre-information about the presentations?

Nope, I don’t need any information before the event. Just the title and the overall theme of the event is fine. After that, it’s up to me to follow the speaker flow.

How long have you done this?

Well, I could say I’ve done this all my life but professionally, I’ve been a sketchnoter since 2010.

How many events and presentations have you covered?

Gee, hundreds of events and over a thousand presentations. I guess. Hard to say. I’m not that good with numbers 😀 I’ve covered Nordic Business Forum since 2011 (- 10 years already!).

How has COVID 19 affected your work?

No traveling to seminars. Instead, I work from my home office and do my magic remotely. It works fine this way, too.

Can anyone become a graphic recorder/sketchnoter?

In a way: yes. We all have the ability to doodle while listening to others talking, right? Next time try to concentrate more on the content than drawing those spirals or just general smudge.

When it comes to being a professional graphic recorder, you need to be able to draw quickly, make swift conclusions and have the ability to combining things and seeing the big picture. It’s also good to know pop culture and have good general knowledge to be able to follow the presentations.

Here are the sketchnotes from the event:

Thanks Nordic Business Forum and Oslo Business Forum for having me again to do the sketchnotes!

Linda the Liveillustrator


Linda Saukko-Rauta

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