Perjantai, 12.4.2013

Feedback from the #sketchnotes challenge!

Remember the sketchnote challenge that I took part in?


The sketchnote experts have now given feedback!

I guess they were all in all very positive about my work but they wanted me to use more text and writing and of course there’s always the hierarchy thing that could be improved. One said that it wasn’t a sketchnote at all but an abstract illustration..! (Yes, one does always focus on the critique…) My sketchnote was considered to be minimalistic, which was both positive and negative.

There are a couple of reasons why it was as it was. As I told earlier, I did this while my kid was having his daily nap. Is the “mommy head” able to think clearly? (Clearly not.) Also, English isn’t my native language so that was an extra effort – it was a tough speech to follow.

When the video ended, I took a look at my weird and lonely doodles and decided that I wasn’t happy with the result: there were separate icons and some keywords (but clearly not enough, as the feedback pointed out!) here and there, but they weren’n connected. So I started thinking: “What’s the big picture? What was the meaning of this speech?” Thus came the head, the chain and the computer. I think it puts the main ideas of the speech nicely together.

I did that like I always do if a presentation is a difficult one to sketchnote: I stay behind and take my working memory to its outer limits while the others are having a break and stretching out. There are always a couple of minutes time between the presentations so that gives me the extra minute I need to finish the sketchnote. So that was how I did with this one, too.

I noticed later (as I checked out other people’s entries) that I of course had forgotten to include a lot of the presentation details (the black pools!) but that happens in real-time sketchnoting, too. You can’t take in all that is said. And my sketchnoting style is hopefully the kind that focuses on the big picture. I’ve always been like that as a learner: I don’t even want to memorize the details but instead I want to understand the big picture.

So that was the background process – now you know. This was an interesting way to learn and a possibility to become a better sketchnoter, so thank you Eva-Lotta for organizing this great challenge! Now let’s just wait for the rest of the feedback and the final results.


Linda Saukko-Rauta

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