Torstai, 27.4.2017

Sketchnoter is in the house! #Pinghelsinki

This week I’m sketchnoting the PING Helsinki happening in… Well, in Helsinki. It’s a business festival with focus on influencer marketing. The event is halfway packed with bloggers, vloggers, YouTube stars, Instagram influencers and with people who create content for their social media channel. The other half of the audience consists of business people who want to mingle with the content creators in order to make contacts and to network. Somewhere along the way they all end up doing business so that the content creators write and talk about the business people’s products in their channels and we have more success stories to tell. So that’s PING Helsinki. Roughly said.


But what’s the sketchnoter doing in the house?

And then there’s me who is something in between a content guru and a business hippie. In a way I’m kind of like those bloggers who have made their blogging into their profession. You see, I was a blogger once and still am, in a way, even though my tiny, little comic blog doesn’t get updated that often anymore (- too busy). Now, after 7 to 8 years after starting my blog I’m a fulltime entrepreneur and go around seminars to do real-time live sketchnoting. So there’s the business side of me.

So here I am, in Helsinki, getting ready for tomorrow’s sketchnoting task. I’ll be sketchnoting the keynote speeches and after every speech my sketchnote is projected to the big screen. Oh, big screens. There are three of those in the seminar hall. (Eeeek!)

Finally, here are answers to frequently asked questions because these are the answers I’m most likely to give after the day is done:

  1. No, I don’t get to see the presentations beforehand. I just improvise.
  2. I work with my iPad Pro. It’s the 9,7 inch model. And yes: I have an Apple pencil.
  3. The app that I use is Adobe Draw. It’s free.
  4. Yes, you get to see the drawings afterwards e.g. on Twitter.
  5. Yes, I have a weird brain.

P.S. Last year I was also part of PING Helsinki. Here’s my story from last year’s event and also one example of the art of sketchnoting:


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