Tiistai, 12.4.2022

Sketchnoting Business Forum webinars

We’re on the move, the world is changing. From data to information. From tiny clues to huge trends. From slow pace of the past to the fast pace of the future. That is the message I’ve been getting as I have sketchnoted webinars for Oslo Business Forum and Nordic Business Forum.

As a Business Forum sketchnoter I get to listen to presentations by renowned keynote speakers. Sketchnoting a webinar is always a nice test to my skills: can I keep up with the speaker’s pace? Can I spot the important themes and make them into a piece of sketchnote?

Here are three examples of my sketchnotes from 2022. Sustainability, leadership and understanding the new ways of working seem to point the way to the future.

My purpose is to make information fun, colorful and concrete in a form of hand-drawn visual notes. What’s your purpose?

Linda the live-illustrator 


Linda Saukko-Rauta

Livekuvittaja ja yrittäjä

Vapaapäivien pilapiirtäjä ja sushirajan takana elelevä keski-ikäinen perheenäiti sekä sudeettipohjalainen, joka ei todellakaan rieku missään pilakuva- tai sarjisskenessä.

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