Tiistai, 14.10.2014

The secrets of sketchnoting the #NBForum2014

Remember how I told about the special Nordic Business Forum arrangement a couple of blog posts ago? The event was last week and I think I nailed it!

How was it to work via video stream?

Sketchnoting real-time via video stream was in a way easier than sketchnoting real-time in the seminar venue: if one is physically present at the seminar venue, there are always people who stare behind one’s shoulder and comment on the sketchnotes while they’re being created. During the breaks one is always in hurry to get to the toilet or to food stands – but you’re always stuck in lines or with curious people asking questions about sketchnoting. And after the day one feels pretty beaten.

Now I was at home and I was able to choose my seat all by myself. I had everything I needed in hand and during the breaks I could stretch out the way I wanted wearing my woollen socks.


But of course there was something missing: that buzzing atmosphere of a business seminar where 5300 people go around in suits and give business cards to each other. That pulse from the stage where professional speakers give their presentations. That tired and worn-out feeling after a hard day when you know you’ve used both of your brain halves and you know that you still need to drag your body to a hotel.

How could I keep up with the speakers?

Pretty easily even though I hadn’t a clue about what they were going to speak about: this time it was all real-time. I had headphones that blocked disturbing noises so I was able to concentrate while my husband was taking care of the baby. (And that went well, too. The baby slept during the speeches and was awake during the breaks.) I missed only one panel discussion and the final presentation that wasn’t streamed out but the meaning is to cover them a bit later.

Going viral!

I placed the sketchnotes in the Nordic Business Forum blog literally just seconds after the speech was over. The images were also shown at the seminar venue during the breaks and the rumor tells me that there were flocks of people hovering in front of the screens taking a closer look at the sketchnotes that I had created. The sketchnotes were – and still are – spread virally so this really is a good way to market an event in social media. After all, people want to share relevant content that attracts other people.

Typical questions and answers

1) How do you do those images?
2) Which app do you use?
3) Do you have some sort of a pen?

1) With my iPad. And I do use my head, too.
2) I use an app called Adobe Ideas
3) … and a Bamboo stylus pen with changeable nibs.

And finally: do you want to see the sketchnotes that I created? Here’s one but go see the rest in the Nordic Business Forum blog!




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