Keskiviikko, 24.1.2018

Two Seth Godin presentations in three days – what do you get?

What do you get when you sketchnote presentations from the same speaker within a couple of days? Well, you get an exhausted sketchnoter but you also get a handful of great ideas to be sketchnoted. That’s what happened to me this week as I first sketchnoted Seth Godin‘s presentation in Nordic Business Forum Norway in Oslo and then a couple of days later a presentation that he gave in Stockholm for NBFSweden.

The topic was the same: Leadership vs. Management. He mentioned that this was a brand new presentation and Oslo was his first performance with this material.

Here’s the first sketchnote:

The trouble in sketchnoting Seth Godin is that there’s just too much content :) This can clearly be seen in the Oslo sketchnote. But I guess I was some way able to emphasize the most meaningful things.

Here’s the Stockholm version:

As you can see I used some same elements but this time I had the word pair, the title of the presentation, in the focus.

Which one do you prefer? Or if you don’t like either of the sketchnotes, why is that? Please, share your comments :)


Linda Saukko-Rauta

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