Tiistai, 2.12.2014

From Adobe Ideas to Adobe Draw


So… The time has come: my favourite tool Adobe Ideas is no longer updated. Instead, a pop-up message said that I should start using Adobe Draw.

How is it different?

The basic functions of Ideas are all there but some of them are hidden underneath other functions. E.g. the erase tool is deep down somewhere in Mordor – or so it feels. Sure, you can undo the previous pen strokes by wiping with two fingers but it doesn’t help if you need to erase a larger area in hurry. Another tool that is hidden is the merge layers function. Adobe Draw also asks questions and verifies decisions – just like an Ericsson mobile phone from the 1990’s. That Swedish-style discussion process slows me down and I guess that might cause me some trouble in the midst of real-time sketchnoting. On the other hand, there have been times when I wished that the Ideas had asked me one more time if I really want to merge layers…

That zoom I love

I loooooove Adobe Ideas because of its marvellous zoom function: it’s swift and it’s smooth, it’s fast and it never leaves me in trouble. The zoom in Adobe Draw feels… sticky. Like it has got a terrible hangover and it just cannot move the way it’s supposed to. Dear Adobe, what have you done with it? Also, adjusting pen size has gone from bad to worse. It wasn’t that handy in Ideas and now it takes a lot of time when I try to find the pen size that I want.

Shapes, baby, Shapes!

The interesting feature in the Adobe Draw is the use of shapes. I’m not sure if I totally got it, but it feels like it’s going to make things easier. Now I’m able to build a shape library of my own with images that I use often, such as speech bubbles, arrows, etc.

Another thing that I like is that in Adobe Draw one can finally arrange drawings into projects.

What I would have wanted

Naming things makes life easier. That’s why it would have been a nice feature if there had been a chance to name both layers and colour themes. Naming the colour themes would be very useful in a situation where I draw something for a customer and they want me to use their company colours. If they contact me later and want something more, I’d have their colour theme ready to be used.

All in all the change from Ideas to Draw might be a good thing. I just need to draw, sketch and doodle more than ever to get used to the app. Also, I need to find a stylus pen to match the app. I have purchased various pens with both hard and soft tips, but I still keep using the old soft-tipped Bamboo pen. Any recommendations?



Linda Saukko-Rauta

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