Keskiviikko, 17.2.2021

Sketchnotes from Nordic Business Forum and Oslo Business Forum Online

Writer and media strategist Ryan Holiday was interviewed by Aslak de Silva from Nordic Business Forum as NBForum organized a webinar together with Oslo Business Forum. The topic of the webinar was self-leadership and success and as usual, I did the sketchnoting.

Sketchnoting an interview

Sketchnoting an interview can be tricky as the discussion flows from one topic to another. Therefore it was important for me to check out the pre-information there was about this webinar: what were the main discussion areas going to be  and if there were any questions to be answered. I also went out at surfed around a bit to see what Ryan Holiday had spoken about before this. That way I could prepare a three-part set-up which I then filled as I listened to the discussion.

Here are the sketchnotes and down below you can see a video with some home studio action as I drew the visual notes.


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Linda the Live-illustrator, Sketchnoter & Graphic Recorder 


Linda Saukko-Rauta

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