Tiistai, 21.5.2019

How are you doing it?? The sketchnoter FAQ

  1. What is this thing that you’re doing??
    This is graphic recording and I’m a graphic recorder or a sketchnoter. I listen, process and draw key contents of presentations into visual notes. There are others out there that do this, too. This is a growing field.
  2. Do you get to see the presentation materials beforehand?
    No, I just take a jump into the deep end and improvise, go with the flow. That’s my superpower. That and speaking Finnish.
  3. Is that an iPad you’re working with?
    Yes, I work with my iPad Pro. It’s the newest model. And yes: I have an Apple pencil.
  4. What is the drawing app that you use?
    The app that I use is Adobe Fresco. There’s a monthly fee for it as it is an Adobe product.
  5. Have you tried any other drawing apps?
    Yes, I have. But I don’t like them: they’re either too complicated to use or they don’t produce vector quality.
  6. Do we get to see the visuals after the event?
    Yes, you get to see the drawings afterwards e.g. on Twitter and probably on the event website.
  7. What is your background? We’re you trained in graphics?
    I used to be a language teacher. I taught Swedish language. I studied Nordic Philology, English and pedagogical studies. I’m not a professional graphic designer. Instead, I’m self-taught.
  8. But how do you do it?
    I have a weird brain.

Any other questions? Feel free to comment and ask.



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